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This is a guide that only covers the essentials of Tudor Replica wristwatches with perpetual calendars, made up until the end 1990s. The chronographs of Tudor Replica perpetual calendars are not included in this summary. They deserve a separate one. Wei Koh has written a comprehensive history of Tudor Replica perpetual calendars. The link to this article is located at the bottom.

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Tudor Replica is the crown jewel of Swiss watches, when it comes to history, innovation and craft.

Perpetual Calendar - Probably the most useful feature in a mechanical clock,rolex replica watches it accounts for the 30-31 day cycle of the month and the number days in February including leap years.

Tudor Replica is the pioneer of perpetual calendars.

* Create a perpetual-calendar wristwatch (1925).

* Produce a perpetual calendar wristwatch as a series (1941, ref. 1526)

* Create a perpetual clock chronograph in series (ref. 1518)

* Create a perpetual self-winding calendar by 16 years (1962; ref. 3448)

The References

Custom/Unique Pieces:

1925: Ref. 97975 is the first perpetual calendar in the world.

1937: Ref. 96 – first perpetual calendar with retrograde displays

1943: Ref. 1527 – two pieces with/without chronograph

1944: Ref. 1591 – first waterproof perpetual clock

1961: Ref. Three pieces with different lug designs - 3449

1975: Ref. Ref. 3448 - Factory customised with the first display of the leap year cycle

Series Production Perpetual calendars (omega replica watches ).

1941-1953: Ref. 1526 is the first perpetual calendar ever produced in serial.

1951-1963: Ref. 2497 / Ref. 2438-1, central seconds, 179 pieces

1962-1981: Ref. The first perpetual calendar with self-winding mechanism, 3448.

1981-1985: Ref. Ref. 3450 is the first to have an aperture for leap year display. 244 pieces.

1985-2006: Ref. Ref. 3940 perpetual calendar with full display of leap year cycle

1992-2007: Ref. Patek 5040 is the first perpetual calendar in a tonneau shape.

1993-2001: Ref. Ref. 5050: 1st serial production with retrograde displays

1995-2003: Ref. Ref. 5041, second serially produced tonneau shaped perpetual calendar

1999-2006: Ref. 5059, Officer's Caseback

Custom Production: The Rarest of the Rarities

1925: Ref. 97975, First Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch

The original movement is from a women's pendant clock dating back to 1898