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Sinn Replica has perfected a technique called translucent enamel, which is applied to the colored areas of the dial. Then it's fired in a kiln. The enamel must be applied layer by layer to achieve the desired color and texture. At any point, the enamel may be rejected if it is imperfect. The Lapis Lazuli dial section must then be added by using the marquetry technique. These stones are extremely thin and fragile.

Close up of the dial on the Midnight Palais de la Chance Trefles decor created using gold sculpting and champleve enamel.

Final technique is the diamond setting on the outer flange. The central four-leaf clover represents the final step. Hugues de pins says, "It takes a lot of effort to make one dial." The dial can be rejected at any stage if there is an imperfection. For example, the wrong color could have resulted from prolonged exposure to heat,Swiss Replica Watches or a mistake with the gem setter's burin. Each dial is also made in the historic atelier overlooking Place Vendome, Paris. This is where we make all of our high jewelry.

This stunning, unique creation, which is the ultimate symbol for Faith, Hope Love and Luck, was created using 4.49 carats in the finest diamonds and 135.30 grams white gold. The crown is set with Lapis Lazuli. The watch comes with a white-gold ardillon folding clasp and a bottle-green alligator band. The 42mm diameter of the watch makes it suitable for both men and women. It is also water-resistant to 30m.

Technical Specifications About the Timepiece:

The four-leaf clover, a rare gift from nature, is said to bring happiness and luck to anyone who finds it.Roger Dubuis Replica Watches The diamond clover on the Midnight Palais de la chance Trefles Decor watch is a good luck keeper.

The Midnight Palais de la Chance Trefles Watch showcases a variety of know-how that gives life to the rare and valuable four-leaf clover, a symbol of happiness and luck.