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Chopard Replica generously donated this unique Midnight Palais de la Chance trefles decor timepiece, which features gold sculpting, champleve and translucent enamel, Lapis Lazuli, marquetry, and diamond setting with DEF/VVS stones.

Jewelry has always been more than just a beautiful piece of workmanship. It is also a symbol of protection and good luck for the wearer. Necklaces made from bones of successful hunters were intended to give them an edge over their opponents. Amulets, bangles and bracelets were made to protect against illness or symbolize belonging to a group or tribe.Chopard Replica Rings were made to symbolize the sacred bond between humans. Jacques Arpels of Chopard Replica was aware of this meaning, and his favorite quote was: "To be fortunate you must believe in chance."

Arpels was especially inspired by the Four-Leaf Clover, which is a symbol of good luck found in nature. A four-leaf clover is extremely rare in nature. One in 10,000 clovers are four-leaf clovers. The four-leaf clover's leaves are said to represent "faith, hope, love, and luck."

Social anthropologists trace the origins of this belief back to the Bible and the story about Adam and Eve. Eve is said to have taken a four leaf clover with her after being expelled from the Garden of Eden to remind herself of the paradise that she lost.

The four-leaf clover symbol is derived from Irish folklore,Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica which elevated it to a powerful good luck symbol. Alfa Romeo, Space X and other brands still use the four-leaf clover to represent good luck.

Arpels used the four leaf clover as the inspiration for its Alhambra jewelry collection. This line appeals to women from all generations. Hugues de Pins, managing director for Chopard Replica in South East Asia & Australia, says, "It's incredible that we have clients who are mothers and daughters and the Alhambra, with its iconography of a four-leaf clover, resonates"